We provide the following services in accordance with Russian laws:

Security of transport infrastructure

Security of protected facilities

Design, installation and maintenance of security systems

As part of protecting transport infrastructure from any unlawful interference, our employees perform the following set of tasks:

  • respond to any committed or planned unlawful interference in transport infrastructure operations;
  • respond to any violations of access and security requirements at transport infrastructure facilities;
  • conduct security screening of individuals, vehicles/vessels, cargo, luggage, hand luggage and personal belongings to ensure security at transport infrastructure facilities;
  • ensure ongoing monitoring of output data and operational and functional readings of transport security systems in order to identify offenders and signs of committed or planned unlawful interference;
  • carry out inspections of sea and river transport infrastructure facilities together with their owners with a view to ensuring their anti-terrorist protection and providing related proposals and recommendations;
  • conduct vehicle and foot patrols of the transport security zone perimeter and areas susceptible to security threats and violations;
  • identify offenders, objects and substances prohibited from being admitted to the transport security zone and hand them over to law enforcement agencies;
  • as part of transport infrastructure security management, conduct drills and training jointly with the facilities’ owners to counter any unlawful interference.

A complete range of services with guaranteed quality and a unique Arctic-specific expertise from a team of certified professionals.

As part of the contract execution process, our experts will evaluate all potential threats and advise on the best security post locations so as to ensure the highest level of security at the lowest cost.