In 2018, the Company was accredited under Federal Law No. 16-FZ On Transportation Security dated 9 February 2007 and Order of the Russian Ministry of Transport No. 145 On Approving the Procedure and Requirements for Accrediting Legal Entities as Transportation Security Divisions dated 1 April 2015.

The company is a member of Energoproject, an association of energy facilities designers and a self-regulatory organisation (SRO-P-068-02122009).

Minutes No. 70 dated 13 March 2019.

Designing capital construction facilities

The company is a member of EnergoStroiAllianz, an association of construction companies and a self-regulatory organisation (SRO-S-089-27112009).

Resolution of the Accreditation Board No. 547 dated 14 March 2019.

Building capital construction facilities